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    A global force, Baron Baptiste has been influential on the international and American yoga scene for over two decades.  His message and the methodology of Baptiste Yoga have produced powerful results with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and his work continues to be a source of enormous influence across the planet.

Baron was born into a family of health, yoga and philosophical educators and he couples the lessons learned from his own true-life experience, hardships, and personal breakthroughs with his gift of a relatable uplifting teaching style and his ability to empower peoples bodies and minds, both on and off the yoga mat.

    First and foremost Baron considers himself a student of life, of possibility, and of his own practice.  He is not a spiritual, moral or religious teacher of any kind, nor is he a guru or spiritual master of any sort; he makes no claim to having any special brand of wisdom or enlightened knowledge. Baron is inspired by sharing his experience and contributing to others by teaching from the body of principles and distinctions that make up Baptiste Yoga and from his own upbringing and training in yoga and transformational practices.

    Baron has been instrumental in transforming the face of modern yoga in America and many of his transformational yoga methodologies have become a part of society’s popular thinking on well-being.  He’s authored four books which have been translated into more than twelve languages.


    In the early 1990’s Baron Baptiste introduced the notion of “power yoga” to the American public in a way that it had not been heard before. 

The methodology he developed provided individuals and groups with a means to access the powerful benefits of yoga practice for themselves, but without the mysticism and new-agey overtones.


    The combination of his cutting edge ideas, intense program designs, rigorous yoga practices, and his skillfulness in leading groups catapulted Baptiste Yoga into the mainstream of American culture.


    In the mid 90’s, Baron joined the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff, and for four years he served on the coaching staff as the team’s Peak Performance Specialist, designing a program for athletes to enhance and improve their performance.  Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles said: “When it comes to training champions, Baron Baptiste is exceptional.”  In 1998 Baron founded two very busy yoga studios, both in the Boston area. Today, thousands of students pass through these studios each month.  He also is the inspiration to over 40 Baptiste Yoga inspired and Affiliated Studios throughout the world that are each hugely popular and successfully built on the Baptiste Yoga Methodology. Collectively the Baptiste Affiliate Studios empower the lives of thousands of people every day across the globe.

    Baron has focused his energies toward fractured communities long plagued by ingrained patterns of poverty and violence such as gang members in South Central L.A, low-income families in Washington, D.C, and creating practices designed to elevate the lives of those with Multiple Sclerosis and returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  His greatest challenge to date remains taking empowerment methods into the most desperate regions of Kenya, where tribal divides have led to some of the worst conflicts and tribal unrest in African history.  In 2007, along with Paige Elenson, Baron helped found the non-profit Africa Yoga Project, based in Nairobi, Kenya dedicated to transforming the lives of impoverished youth through service and teaching the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga. Over 4,000 students attend the Africa Yoga Project courses each week, free of charge, which are delivered by 60 Kenyan teachers who live and teach within the slums of Nairobi. The Africa Yoga Project teachers are trained directly by Baron.

    When he is not traveling the globe leading courses, Baron returns to his home and family in Park City, Utah.


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